(June 11, 1955, Orillia, Ontario – February 23, 2018)

It is with great sadness that we share with you the passing of Peter Boyd, co-founder of Arcis Corporation.

Peter Boyd attended the University of Western Ontario from 1975 to 1978 obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree. Peter started his career with various investment dealers and in 1989 became a senior oil and gas analyst for Walwyne Inc. He held senior positions with Capital Group Securities, Marleau, Lemire Securities and Yorkton Securities until he co-founded Arcis Corporation in 1996. Peter held the role of President & CEO until 2009 when he left the company for other personal pursuits.

Peter’s vision for Arcis was to create a working environment and culture unlike any other seismic company. His passion for Canadian contemporary art carried over in the design of the Arcis offices. The installation of numerous works by both local and national artists inspired employees, clients and guests alike. It gave Peter great pleasure to share his knowledge about a piece with whoever expressed interest, and the collection provided great conversational opportunities for staff.

Peter’s passion for the arts was extensive, and over the years, Arcis built relationships and supported One Yellow Rabbit Theater, Honen’s International Music Festival and the Alberta Collage of Art and Design, to name a few.

Another first, for not only the seismic industry but for most businesses in Calgary at the time, was when Peter employed a chef, who not only prepared fine cuisine for both staff and clients alike, but who created a culture of health, team building and endearing relationships with company clients at the Arcis’ offices at Petro Canada Centre (now Suncor) in 2005. This creative initiative was just one of many that saw Arcis being named “Best Place to Work in Alberta” in 2009.

The Calgary geophysical industry, the local and national arts community, his friends, and family will truly miss his kind, generous and caring spirit.

Arcis Seismic Solutions became a wholly owned subsidiary of TGS-NOPEC through acquisition in June of 2012 and changed its name to TGS Canada Corp. in January this year.

Ann Mooney (TGS Canada Corp.)



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