The 2nd Geophysical Inversion Workshop and Seismic Imaging Summer School took place in August this past summer on the University of Calgary campus. This extremely successful meeting was enjoyed by about 80 attendees at the workshop and about 50 registrants in the summer school. Dr. Gary Margrave, the main organizer of the event, was able to arrange the meeting of many of the best people in the world in the field of geophysical inversion. This was a rare opportunity to see and hear such well-known names as Bleistein, Chapman, de Hoop, Etgen, Gray, Stolt, Weglein and many others together in one meeting. This type of event attracts a lot of attention from students (and potential new geophysicists), and helps to put Calgary on the map as a research centre for geophysics. This is why the CSEG decided to support this endeavour. The main sponsor was PIMS (the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences), but there were several other academic and industrial sponsors: CSEG, CREWES, MITACS, POTSI, Petro-Canada, Progress/ProEx Energy, Nexen, Encana and ConocoPhillips. Many thanks go to each of these sponsors and to the organizers: Gary Margrave, Gunther Uhlmann, Mauricio Sacchi, Peter Cary, Rob Stewart and Marian Miles. Industry sponsorship was obtained through the voluntary help of Jim Stenhouse, Mike Perz and Mike Clement.

Speaker slides and course notes are available at the official websites: and

Fig. 01 Fig. 02
Norm Bleistein delivering his talk at the workshop.



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