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Once in a while, you come across a compelling “oil patch story” that inspires, and reflects on the resilience and leadership of members of our Geo-community. As little girls, Lisa Eastman and her sister Susan thought all kids grew up playing on seismic equipment parked in the yard. Their mother Roni, a dedicated and persistent woman, forged her career in the Oil and Gas industry in the seventies.

Oftentimes the empty halls of the late night office was the scene of many playful games as their mother diligently scoured over financials for the seismic giant of the 80's and 90’s Capilano Geophysical. Being a well-respected member of the industry Roni demonstrated to her children the value of a good work ethic and the importance of relationships.

Throughout the years Roni continued to keep the girls active in the industry and to develop their knowledge and connections. The three would eventually all work together when Lisa cofounded GeoTir Inc, a seismic project management and land service company, in 2002.

GeoTir soon became an industry leader and managed thousands of multi million-dollar programs across Western Canada and the United States. After the fallout of the 2014 industry crash, restructuring lead to the creation of their current venture Peer Solutions Inc. with partners Daryl Robbins and Justin Perry.

The union of these four partners has proven to be outstanding with each having unique skills and knowledge that has made Peer a dynamic Project Management company. With strong roots in geophysics and field operations, Peer brings over 50 years of critical, senior-level experience and expertise in North American and International project management.

The team is actively engaged in every aspect of program development and execution and each partner personally supervises field activities on site enabling better communication, improved safety, and responsible environmental and community stewardship. Although Roni decided to retire at the age of 70 the girls approach business with the values and grit, she instilled in them as children.

Through the “no limits” attitude of their mother, the sisters have not focused on gender roles and instead have forged ahead in business with a focus on what they wanted to achieve. They are thankful to be Alberta grown and lucky to be in an industry where women can work at the executive level and develop successful businesses.



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