Audiences love the message that Jeff MacInnis delivers. As the leader of the first team to sail the Northwest Passage, captain of a top 10 Eco-Challenge Team, a World Cup downhill ski racer, best-selling author and entrepreneur, Jeff delivers a “must-see” multimedia presentation. Using National Geographic images and television footage the audience “lives” the adventure and gains valuable insight into corporate and personal performance. Audiences are inspired by his examples of excellence.

Achieving seemingly impossible challenges takes extraordinary teams. Jeff MacInnis knows what it takes for teams to go to the extreme and succeed. As a world-class speaker on teamwork, leadership and excellence he has inspired, coached and motivated over 500 audiences in 9 countries.

Jeff MacInnis

Out of the pages of National Geographic, Jeff MacInnis achieved a 400-year-old challenge when he led the first team to sail the Northwest Passage. This epic journey covered 4,000 kilometers over 100 days in an 18-foot boat. The expedition survived one of the harshest environments on the planet, through an ice-choked passage that has claimed more lives than Mount Everest. The expedition was front-page news and became a National Geographic story, an international television special and a best-selling book.

In athletics, Jeff competed on the Canadian National Ski Team, during the era of the “Crazy Canucks”.

As an explorer, Jeff was the only North American member of the Overland Challenge, a 12-nation team endorsed by the United Nations. This team achieved a world record by traveling overland from London to New York. The expedition recorded a $7 million, eight-part prime time, “live action” television series. The team succeeded despite extreme temperature, terrain, time and language barriers.

Jeff MacInnis

Over the last two years, Jeff has competed in Eco-Challenge, the World Championships of Expedition Racing, created by Survivor Producer Mark Barnett and watched by a television audience that has grown to over a billion people. At Eco-Challenge 2000, in Borneo Malaysia, Jeff led his team through 500 km, over 9 days through dense rainforest, ancient caves and some of the most beautiful coral reefs on the planet. With more than 50 percent of the teams dropping out, his team finished 24th in their rookie year. At Eco-Challenge 2001, in New Zealand, Jeff’s team finished an impressive10th in the World.

From the Northwest Passage to Eco-Challenge, Jeff’s accomplishments give his message a tremendous power and the audience leaves with strategies for success and a belief that we can Dream, Dare and Do, Anything We Want To.

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