Maybe Bob Dylan said it best (although you may not have understood him) with the phrase: "Well, the times they are a changin" you probably heard them as "weeeeh, na taames...deharhaa jaajiin".

The Doodlebug Golf Tournament is making a change of sorts.

Inserted in this issue, as well as the June edition of the RECORDER, is the application form for the 47th Annual Doodlebug Golf Tournament. The change is the venue – the first in tournament history – to Jasper Park Lodge, September 16, 17, 18, 1999.

The Doodlebug Golf Tournament had its humble beginnings in the fall of 1953 and has become what is considered the premier sporting and social event within our industry. The format continues to provide a fun, but also competitive, golf venue for participants of all levels that encourages fellowship and cooperation, building stronger business and personal relationships along the way.

Fig. 01

In 1953 the Banff Springs Hotel was the venue site chosen to host the first Doodlebug Golf Tournament and the seventy-two participants were grouped into 9 flights, eight per flight. The tournaments' success saw the rise in participation with 21 flights in 1957 and saw record attendance in 1977 and 1978 with 27 flights (216 participants). In those two years the Canmore Golf Course was also used to accommodate the large field, Banff still being the main venue site. Snow affected the tournament twice, in 1962 the first day was cancelled and two nine-hole matches were held on day 2. In 1985, only the first day saw play, the second and third were cancelled and no champions were declared for the first time. The last 3-day match play format was held in 1986, since that time the tournament has been a two-day event.

During the past 46 years the grand Banff Springs Hotel has been the home of the Doodlebug. The CP Hotel chain approached the committee representing the tournament in 1996, offering a venue change to the jasper Park Lodge. After much consideration the committee offered the participants an opportunity, by way of a questionnaire after the 45th tournament, asking among other things would they consider the move. An overwhelming response in favor (98%) allowed the committee to begin negotiating with the Jasper Park Lodge.

Jasper Park Lodge is best described as a non-traditional hotel experience. The lodge and surrounding 'cabins' are well below the tree line and the entire hotel, as it were, is spread around Lac Beauvert and throughout the neighboring woodland. Two hundred yards from the main hotel lobby the sounds heard are that of water on rocks, singing birds, the breeze in the trees and possibly the sound of a well hit tee shot (badly hit tee shots have no sound, other than the associated well defined verbiage). What visitors won't hear are cars, camera motor drives or the hustle and bustle usually associated with similar large hotels.

Fig. 02

The golf course officially opened in 1925 and is reputed to be one of the 10 best in North America and rated #1 resort course in Canada. Designed by Stanley Thompson, the famous architect who also designed the Banff Springs Golf Course, the Jasper Park Golf Course has been renovated back to its original layout. A "must play" it is a true classic course that combines the best of what golf is all about. A unique feature of the course is that many holes are aligned to distant mountain peaks, with bunkers and greens matching the contours of the mountain ranges surrounding Jasper.

jasper Park Lodge, situated in one of the worlds most beautiful National Parks, offers rugged majesty, extraordinary wildlife experiences, serenity, seclusion and sophistication. The committee is very excited about this year's tournament and has been working hard since last fall to ensure the success of the Doodlebug Golf Tournament.



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