The following CSEG Bylaw amendments will be presented at the CSEG 2006 AGM on Monday March 27, 2006. Please note the changes/additions are printed in red.


The objective of the CSEG is to promote the science and application of geophysics especially as it applies to exploration. In addition the CSEG has a mandate to promote fellowship and co-operation among those persons with a common bond and interest in geophysics.


Section 2 – Election of Officers

All Officers of the society shall be elected annually from among the Active or Honorary Members of the Society in good standing, by means of a secret ballot in the following manner:

There shall be a Committee on Nominations consisting of the President who shall be Chairman, and the two most recent available Past-Presidents. The Committee shall nominate one or more candidates from among the Active or Honorary Members of the Society in good standing, for each office or post to be filled, having first secured the consent of all candidates nominated.

The report of the Committee on Nominations shall be mailed to each member in order that additional nominations may be solicited before the closing date for nominations. Such additional nominations shall have the consent of the candidates nominated, shall be signed by at least five members of the Society, and shall be submitted to the Director of Communications. Nominations shall be closed on the 1st day of November prior to the Annual Meeting. Election shall be by secret ballot, mailed either by post mail or electronic mail to each member of the Society after the closing date of nominations, and not later than the 15th day of December prior to the Annual Meeting. Only those ballots postmarked not later than December 31st and received by the 4th day of January, or by 24:00 hours on December 31 if voting is done electronically, prior to the annual Meeting shall be counted. The President shall cast his vote only when necessary to break a tie. Each Member voting may cast one vote for each Officer, and the candidate receiving the greatest number of valid votes cast for an office shall be declared elected to that office.

The President shall appoint a Committee of three tellers who shall be responsible for obtaining the ballots from the Director of Communications and counting them not later than the 7th day of January prior to the Annual Meeting. If votes are received electronically, the CSEG will contract an agent to collect and tabulate those votes and will issue the results to the Chairman of the committee of Tellers no later than 7th day of January. The Chairman of the committee of Tellers shall report the results of the election to the President who shall immediately advise all candidates.

The newly elected Officers shall attend a meeting of the council immediately prior to the Annual Meeting, and shall be installed in their offices at the Annual Meeting, at which time they shall assume their duties.

The President and Vice President shall hold office for one year, with the Vice President succeeding the President. The other Officers shall hold office for a nominal period of two years, and no member shall be eligible for election to the same office for more than two consecutive terms. In case of a vacancy in any office, other than the President’s, the Executive Committee shall select a successor to serve the remainder of the incumbent’s term of the vacant office.



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