Best Geological Paper: Gareth Jones and Yitian Xiao: Predicting Dolomite Geobodies: Exploitable Insights from Reactive Transport Models

Best Geological Poster: Warren Walsh, Cassandra Lee, Ben Kerr and Joseph Korol: Quantifying shale gas potential of the Triassic Montney and Doig formations, northeastern British Columbia.

Best Geophysical Paper: Rob Pinnegar: Time- Frequency Polarization Analysis and Filtering

Honorable mention-1: Eric Forgues, Julien Meunier, Christian Hubans and Rick Edwards: Steam Injection Seismic Monitoring Experiment

Honorable mention-2: Keith Hirsche and Francis Ma: Reducing Uncertainty in Time-lapse Seismic Interpretation for Thermal Applications

Best Geophysical Poster: Todd Mojesky, David LeMeur and Ali Karagul: Near surface anomalies and solutions

Honorable mention-1: Satinder Chopra, Kurt Marfurt and Vladimir Alexeev: Curvature attribute applications to seismic data

Honorable mention-2: Satinder Chopra and John Castagna: Seismic resolution and thin bed reflectivity inversion

Best Student Paper (geol or geophys): Renee Burton-Ferguson, Michael Enachescu and Richard Hiscott: Preliminary seismic interpretation and maps for the Paleogene-Neogene (Tertiary) succession, Orphan Basin

Best Student Poster (geol or geophys): Mark Radomski, Charles Henderson, Tom Moslow and Jon-Paul Zonneveld: Sedimentology, biostratigraphy and petrology of marine firm/hardgrounds: Middle Triassic Halfway Formation, west-central Alberta

CSEG Honorable Mentions for best student paper:

1) Mostafa Naghizadeh and Mauricio Sacchi: FX and FK interpolation methods and further developments for irregularly spaced traces

2) Chuandong (Richard) Xu and Robert Stewart: Seismic Attenuation (Q) Estimation from VSP Data

CSEG Honorable Mentions for best student poster:

1) Saleh M. Al-Saleh, Gary Margrave and John Bancroft : Designing wavefield extrapolators using a weighted least-squares with a transition band approach.

2) Emmanuel Bongajum: Simultaneously acquiring 3D-3C well data during 3D surface seismic survey: a useful quality control tool

Well Logging:

Best paper: Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Petroleum Cores Presented by Bruce Balcom

Best student paper: Petrophysical Evaluation of Carbonates from the Weyburn Oil Field using Synchrotron X-ray Computed Microtomography Presented by Chad Glemser

Best Core Presentation: Kimberlite Volcanism on the Margin of the Lower Cretaceous Moosebar-Clearwater Seaway: Sedimentology and Volcanology of the Star Kimberlite, J.P. Zonneveld, Bruce Kjarsgaard, Larry Heaman, David McNeil & Kirsten Marcia

Best Student Core Presentation: Lateral Variability Within the Cadotte Shoreline Complex (Elmworth Gas Field): Breaking Out Depositional Packages Within an Extensive Sandstone- Conglomerate Body, Curtis Lettley

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(Photos courtesy: Penny Colton)



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