As the industry changes so must the convention format to fit the needs of our delegates. The technical presentations and exhibition will again be housed in the Round Up Centre, Stampede Park. However, the convention has been reduced from a full week of activities to 4 days! This allows our exhibitors, sponsors and delegates to fit more in during a shorter time period – which we all need during these busy times in industry.

A full technical programme of oral and poster presentations is schedule to begin on Monday, May 15th and wrap up at noon on Wednesday, May 17th. Special Sessions will be held on that Wednesday afternoon as well as the Core Conference beginning at the AEUB Core Research Centre. The Core Conference will continue on May 18th and the convention will wrap up that afternoon by the always anticipated Core Meltdown!

It is hoped that our exhibitors, the technical programme and the social events will showcase our theme WHAT’S NEXT? Where is our industry heading? and light the way forward.


Overwhelming response to Abstracts!

The 2006 Joint Convention Abstract Submission opened on November 1, 2005 and we have had an overwhelming response!

The goal in creating a solid scientific, technical and business presentation that address “What’s Next?” will be achieved with the high quality of abstracts received. To maintain a high quality within the 2006 Technical Programme, abstracts are being accepted based on the review and recommendations of session chairperson and the availability of oral and poster session slots.

The deadline to submit abstracts for oral, poster and core presentations is JANUARY 31, 2006. Late submission will NOT be accepted – and at this rate we may fill up before the deadline!

  • 3D Seismic Imaging
  • Acquisition/Magnetic/Resistivity
  • Are recent discoveries a template for the future?
  • AVO Case Studies
  • AVO Methods
  • Can the dolomite problem be solved?
  • Can the promise of the Frontiers be fulfilled? - Session I Mackenzie Corridor and Mackenzie Delta
  • Can the promise of the Frontiers be fulfilled? - Session II Other Basins (Oceanic Margins, High Arctic, Intermontane, etc.)
  • Geophysical Papers
  • Heavy Oils and Tar Sands – What are the promises and limits?
  • How are the Cordillera and the Foreland linked?
  • How can Data and Information Management add value?
  • How do we get new petroleum from old basins?
  • How do we insure access and achieve sustainability?
  • How will petroleum systems analysis facilitate future developments and discoveries?
  • How will we extract value in the future?
  • International Session – What is happening outside of Canada and where is it going?
  • Migration Techniques Multi-component and Time Lapse Processing
  • Petrophysics I: Tight Gas and CBM
  • Petrophysics II: Case Studies
  • Seismic Processing
  • What are the promises and limits of Unconventional Gas?
  • Where do we go next in the Foothills?
  • Where is sequence stratigraphy going?
  • Wireline, LWD, and Core: New Technology and Techniques

This is going to be the best one stop exhibition in 2006!

As predicted, the 2006 Exhibition is also showing high demand of interest from companies wishing to profile their products and services. With the CSPG, CSEG and CWLS partnering once again, exhibiting at WHAT’S NEXT? Where is our industry heading? is the best one-stop opportunity to meet key geoscientists.

The delegate traffic flow in the exhibition hall is being enhanced by positioning the poster sessions throughout the exhibition hall, having access to the Archie Boyce Lecture Hall only through the exhibits, placing the coffee stations in key areas on the floor and creating an internet café and business centre where everyone can quickly check into the office instead of traveling back downtown – allowing a variety of opportunities for delegates to visit the exhibition!


Invest in this year’s joint convention!

Sponsorship is critical to the success of any conference. In order to facilitate a meaningful exchange of ideas and information the CSPG, CSEG, and CWLS require the support of our sponsors for the upcoming Conference. Without the support of our industry companies, we would not be able to fulfill the mandates to promote the Earth Sciences, especially as they relate to the exploration and exploitation of petroleum and natural gas.

Position your organization as an industry leader and strategically align yourself with these three societies to provide a premier technical event for Canadian geoscience professionals.

Sponsorship opportunities include the Keynote Luncheon, Delegate Bags, Technical Halls, Student Sessions, Speakers’ Breakfast, Ice Breaker, Special Events and more!



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