Doug Bogstie
for Vice President

Currently I am WesternGeco’s Canadian Marketing Manager. This position enables me to get involved in all facets of our operations; Data Processing, Land Acquisition, Marine Acquisition, and Multi-client data licensing with some involvement with Schlumberger Oilfield Services thrown in as well.

Prior to joining Geco-Prakla in 1992 my career started with Seiscom Delta back in 1976 as Junior Data Processor. In 1977 I moved to Veritas Seismic where I spent over 4 years as a Group Leader. In 1981 I was one of the first employees at Pulsonic Geophysical, where I stayed for over 12 years. It was during the 1980’s when I got involved with the sales and marketing side of the business as well as spending a lot of time modeling 3D surveys for a variety of companies.

In looking back, the CSEG has afforded me many opportunities from both a professional and fellowship perspective. In 1983 I was the editor of the RECORDER. In those days it was a singular operation and bears little resemblance to the look of our current publication. I was able to serve a couple of Convention committees. I enjoyed the work as Session Chair in 1998. My most recent position on the Executive was Finance Director in 2003/4. As to fellowship or fun part of our Industry I served two terms on the Doodlebug and full terms on both the Doodlespiel and the Ski Spree. I culminated my involvement with the latter two as Chairman in 1993 and 2000 respectively. In 2004 my wife Susan and I were recognized as Mr. and Mrs. Ski Spree. I was especially proud of that as it put an end to over twenty years of attending but never winning any event.

As to being asked to stand for Vice President it is indeed an honour. It carries a special responsibility when you look back on the accomplishments of prior Executives. There is no doubt that we need to continue the working on our twin mandates, education and fellowship. While the Convention itself has afforded the CSEG tremendous financial foundation we need to be alert to changing circumstances to ensure the Society’s continued health. The financial role the Doodletrain plays is critical along with the efficiencies that have become part of publishing the RECORDER. In moving the Doodlebug to Kananaskis this year the organizing team recognized the need to make the event more affordable and open it up to a new generation within our Society. In making the many changes the underlying goal must be to retain the benefits to membership and its sustainability.

Susan and I together with our two youngest children reside west of Calgary. With my involvement in Scouts Canada, Red Deer Lake Soccer, hockey commitments and helping out on Susan’s hobby farm I stay busy. Her fence repairs have become a year round activity!

Andy St. Onge
for Vice President

I was born in Nova Scotia, and moved to Ontario as a teenager. I finished high school and signed up for general science in 1979. My physics professor in first year (at the University of Western Ontario) suggested looking at the job board in the Geophysics Department if I wanted to pursue a job related to physics. Well, his good advice led me to a B.Sc. (Hon.) in Geophysics in 1983. Chevron was good enough to hire me, and I have been a Calgarian ever since.

After Chevron, I was at Mark Resources, Chauvco Resources, Upton Resources, Virtus Exploration, and now Scotia Waterous, always working closely with geophysics along the way. Geophysics and schooling have held my interest over the years. I taught introductory geophysics at SAIT in the evening for a number of years. Since coming to Calgary, I completed an M.Sc. in Exploration Geophysics and an MBA from the University of Calgary. This timeline doesn’t tell you what I like about the work. I love looking at new (to me) seismic data. I love exploring for new pools with other explorationists. I love understanding processing algorithms. Finally, I still enjoy presenting geophysics in the odd seminar.

I have always enjoyed the idea of the CSEG; it is personally refreshing to see that other people share an interest in exploration geophysics. I like volunteering for the CSEG. The Scholarship Committee was a fair bit of work, but it was well worth the pleasure to phone the 12 recipients of the CSEG Scholarship for that year. Chairperson of the CSEG Ski Spree was a lot of fun, especially watching the children play with the Beanie Babies that were given away on dinner night. Finally, as Chairman of the 2003 CSEG National Convention, I had a lot of fun working with all of the volunteers to organize a technical and social event enjoyed by the membership.

I am a member of the CSEG, the SEG and APEGGA. I have a part-time second job (that I don’t mind) as a taxi driver to our children. It’s the third job – some evenings as a high school math tutor to a grade 12 daughter with a cell phone, and a university commerce studies tutor to a son who needs help on MSN at 10 PM – that can wear thin wink

I like the look of the CSEG moving forward. I like getting the Source with the RECORDER, the YGF, the thought of a Ski Spree as close in format to last year’s as possible, the DoodleTrain, and joint technical conventions. I see the CSEG moving forward with initiatives that promote the science of geophysics and our fellowship and co-operation, while hosting time tested events such as the Luncheons and the aforementioned Ski Spree. What I can offer the CSEG is enthusiasm to promote the Society, a collaborative approach to move forward on current and new initiatives of the CSEG as they arise, and time to devote to that work. I would be honored to work for CSEG membership going forward!

John Fernando
for Assistant Director of Education

John Fernando feels honored to have been asked to let his name stand for the position of Assistant Director of Education. John has accepted this challenge with an earnest desire to contribute towards the greater success of the CSEG with regards to the ongoing educational training of its members and non-members who work in the Oil and Gas industry. His greatest ambition is to create more opportunities for inexperienced geophysicists to learn from the seasoned veterans.

John is a full-time instructor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in the Exploration Information Technology (EXPT) program. John has received many accolades from Geophysical and Geological technologists from the Oil and Gas industry who have completed the Geophysical certificate program, day-time students in the EXPT program, Mark Snaychuk (EXPT program coordinator), Dr. Gordon Nixon (SAIT Vice-President – Academic) and Irene Lewis (SAIT President and CEO). He feels his success in teaching is only complete when his graduates join the Oil and Gas industry and are well received for their knowledge in Geophysics. Western Geco and Sensor Geophysical Ltd. are two of the several Oil and Gas industry employers of the EXPT program graduates. John’s accomplishments in his teaching duties reflect his dedication and patience in teaching Geophysics. He is a member of the CSEG and SEG.

John received his B.Sc. degrees in Microbiology and Geology from the University of Calgary. Upon graduation he joined Geophysical Service Incorporated (GSI) and started his geophysical career in the marine department. John was one of ten participants in the 1984 one year program held at the GSI’s A rea Geophysicist University in Dallas, Texas. Upon his return to Calgary he worked for G.S.I and Halliburton Geophysical Services (HGS) in the Land 2D / 3D department. In 1991 John went overseas to Negara Brunei Darussalam to work at HGS’ dedicated processing center set up for Brunei Shell Petroleum as a senior geophysicist and processed marine 3D data. After completing nearly five years of service in Brunei of which one year of service was with Western Atlas International Inc. (WAI), John resigned and left the geophysical industry in order to return home to Calgary. In 1997 John joined SAIT to teach the Geophysical certificate program. In 2000 he joined Kelman Technologies Incorporated (KTI) and in September of 2000 John was offered to teach in the newly created EXPT program at SAIT. He was able to do so with the consent of KTI where he taught from 8-9 a.m. Monday to Friday and went to work at KTI to be followed by evening teaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In 2001, John was offered a full-time position in the EXPT program which he accepted in order to pursue his newly found profession as a geophysics instructor.

Bill Nickerson
for Assistant Director of Education

Bill received his B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in geophysics from Memorial University and a Masters degree from the University of British Columbia. After working on a seismic boat for a couple of years he settled back on land first in the engineering geophysics business, and later as a university lecturer. For the past 10 years he has held a number of geophysical roles in EnCana’s domestic and Gulf of Mexico deep water business units. He is now working for his own company, Global Geosolutions Inc. as a geophysical consultant in Calgary.

A member of CSEG, SEG, AAPG and APEGGA, Bill has been active in many volunteer roles with the CSEG. Currently, he is SEG council member for district 5 (Canada and Greenland) and chairman of CSEG’s Continuing Ed. Committee. But he most enjoys his role as founding conductor of the DoodleTrain, CSEG’s continuing education week. Bill believes in the importance of a strong educational focus for the Society and will continue to work towards that goal.

Elizabeth Atkinson
for Assistant Director of Finance

Elizabeth Atkinson was born in Nova Scotia and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She obtained a B.Sc. (Honours) in geophysics from the University of Manitoba in 1987. After moving to Calgary she completed her Ph.D. at U of C in 1993, interpreting compressional structures in the Anderson Plains, N.W.T.

Upon graduation, Betty joined the Foothills Exploration team at Mobil and worked there for 7 years, on such areas as N.E. B.C., Western Newfoundland, and the Jeanne D’Arc Basin. In 2000, she left Exxon-Mobil to join Alberta Energy Company’s Southern Foothills team, switching to coalbed methane after the Encana merger. She joined Petro-Canada’s Southern Foothills team in 2003, and has just recently started to work in the US Rockies. She is a member of CSEG, CSPG and APEGGA.

Betty has had a variety of volunteer commitments: She was chair / co-chair / logistics person for the CSPG Structural Division in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2004 and is currently chairperson. She served three years as secretary of the Board of Directors of the Pegasus Savings and Credit Union, where she learned about finance and book keeping. She was on the Arrangements Committee for the SEG convention in Calgary, and has chaired sessions at conventions. She served briefly as AEC’s representative to the Chief Geophysicists’ Forum. She has done a variety of organisational tasks for the Calgary Horticultural Society over the years, and is currently the speaker coordinator for the annual Garden Show at the Roundup Centre. She was a Girl Guide leader and unit treasurer for five years. Some of her interests include gardening, fishing, camping, music and curling, and she has enjoyed participating in the Doodlespiel for the last few years.

Elizabeth is honoured to have been nominated for the position of Assistant Director of Finance and she would apply the same energy, enthusiasm, and organisation she has brought to her previous tasks to build on the excellent work of those before her.

Eric Keyser
for Assistant Director of Finance

Eric graduated from Queen’s University with a B.Sc. in Engineering and Mathematics in 1971. After a summer job recording gravity stations in the NWT, he accepted a job offer with Amoco Canada in Calgary.

Eric spent a rather nomadic life for the next 28 years. He was transferred first to Tulsa then Denver, Calgary, Chicago, Houston, London, Calgary, Houston (again) and finally returned to Calgary.

For the last six years Eric has kept closer to home while working for EnCana as a geophysical interpreter in the Mackenzie Delta Team.

He is honoured to be running for Assistant Director of Finance. The CSEG in Calgary has an excellent record within the industry and around the world. He would work to serve the Society and its members promoting the important role that geophysics can play.

One of Eric’s passions is focused on promoting the Calgary Workstation SEGY format. Check out his web site at for details.

Eric enjoys being with his family; his wife (Jane), four children and two dogs all enjoy outdoor activities in Alberta.

Jeff Bectold
for Assistant Director of Communications

I was a little surprised but very honored to have been nominated for the position of Assistant Director of Communications for the CSEG Executive Committee. I was born and raised in Calgary and received my degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1993. My career in geophysics started at Schlumberger processing VSPs. I was fortunate to have worked with a great group of geophysicists during this time and was able to learn a great deal about borehole seismic and geophysics in general. I had the opportunity to move into a sales role at Schlumberger and was confronted with a whole new set of challenges, not only did I have to learn more of the operational aspects of acquiring VSPs, but more importantly how to sell them. After working a total of eight years at Schlumberger, I decided to pursue a new opportunity and accepted a position at Arcis as Manager of Surveys in November 2001. I have been at Arcis ever since and am responsible for managing the sales of Arcis’ data library as well as marketing new multi-client and exclusive seismic surveys to the oil & gas industry. I very much enjoy this aspect of the seismic business and being able to provide new seismic data to our industry.

I am both a member of the CSEG and SEG and have enjoyed participating in CSEG related events such as the Ski Spree and attending yearly conventions. I am honored to have had my name nominated for this position and am excited about the possibility of being part of the CSEG Executive Committee.

Susan Thomson
for Assistant Director of Communications

Susan received an advanced B.Sc. in Physics and Math from Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS. Although originally from Nova Scotia, but realizing the job market in the Maritimes was less than optimal, she returned to Calgary. Hoping to pursue a career in Environmental Studies, a chance glance at the Geophysics program in the UofC calendar intrigued her. With a physics background, this ‘geophysics’ thing could be her way to save the planet!

After just two more years and various part time jobs, she finished her B.Sc. (Geophysics) in 1999 at UofC, and soon started gaining meaningful experience in the industry.

After graduation, Susan spent over three years working at Enerplus Resources as one of three geophysicists supporting all of the WCSB. She is currently working the Deep Basin area for Devon Canada Corporation, where she has gained a reputation as an energetic and outgoing member of her team.

Susan has participated in numerous Devon activities, and has served on the CSEG Outreach committee, the Young Geophysicists Forum, and as the CSEG Convention Treasurer for 2 years (2004 and 2005). Should she be elected to Assistant Director of Communications, it will be her fiery nature, warm enthusiasm and deep commitment to the Society and its membership that will help it expand and grow.

Michael Clement
for Assistant Director of Member Services

Always one to be part of the majority, Mike wasn’t born and raised in Calgary, but rather uprooted himself from the prairie life in Brandon, Manitoba in 1978 to move to the Stampede City and immediately fell in love, like everyone does, with the vibrant city culture and access to the Rocky Mountain recreational outdoor life on our doorstep.

Mike’s professional life has always been with the seismic processing industry beginning with Teknica Resources Inc. from 1981-1988, Rileys Seismic Processing from 1988-1991, and finally Veritas GeoServices from 1991-present. He is currently a processing account manager with Veritas.

Mike is a long-standing member of both the SEG and CSEG and has volunteered for CSEG committee positions extensively over the years. He spent five years with the convention committee, acting as General Chairman of the 1997 CSEG Convention, three years with the CSEG Scholarship Fund committee, four years with the Ski Spree Committee, acting as chair for the 2001 CSEG Ski Spree, and was Technical Co-Chair for the 2003 CSEG / CSPG Joint Convention. Mike and his family have also participated in many of the CSEG social functions over the years.

It is a wonderful opportunity to be nominated for the position of “Assistant Director of Member Services” and he promises, if elected, to serve the CSEG Executive Committee with the same dedication, hard work, enthusiasm, and foresight that he has brought to CSEG committees in the past.

David Mackie
for Assistant Direcctor of Member Services

I grew up in Kingston, Ontario blithely unaware of the oil industry! How did I choose geophysics? In high school I did a fascinating project on Plate Tectonics but also loved physics as well as history. Physicists had job prospects I thought so when I found a University of Toronto called Geology and Physics I just signed up. In my third year, 1981, my mother sent me many articles on the Calgary oil boom but alas by the time I graduated in 1982 it was off to do my M.Sc. at UBC as there were no jobs. It was at UBC I also met my future wife, Joane, who also spent many years as a geophysicist in Calgary. In 1985 we were married and moved to Calgary where I started in seismic processing with Shell Canada. I was with Shell for 14 years, including a great stint in Nigeria, then with Marathon Canada and have now been at Suncor working in the Foothills for the past 5 years. Joane and I have three wonderful children who keep our lives very busy.

My work with the CSEG really started as co-chair of the social committee during the 2003 Joint CSEG/CSPG convention. It was a great experience where I got to know a bit how the CSEG and the CSPG worked as well as making sure we got our job done organizing many social events, as well as having lots of fun.

I have also co-authored several papers for the CSEG over the years mainly to do with Foothills interpretation and processing. I am a member of the CSEG, SEG, and APEGGA.

I am honoured to be nominated for the position of Assistant Director of Member Services with the CSEG and hope I can bring my enthusiasm and organizational skills to make the CSEG an exciting organization for all members.

Oliver Kuhn

I graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a B.Sc. in Geophysics in 1984, and was hired by Geo-X Systems Ltd. later that year. I have worked for Geo-X since 1984, except for a two year stint with Geco-Prakla, and am currently the General Manager for Geo-X’s processing division.

It’s an honour for me to be running for President, and if elected I look forward to the opportunity of serving the society and its members. I must say that when I was younger, I was probably indifferent towards the CSEG and took it for granted. However, when I worked overseas (Singapore, N.Z., Australia – 1990-1993), I came to appreciate and miss the tremendous sense of community within the CSEG, and I am now an unabashed booster of the society and try to help out as much as possible. I feel that the CSEG has a very valid and useful mandate – Organized to promote the science of geophysics and to promote fellowship and cooperation among our members.

On the science side of things, I have served as a co-chair for several technical convention sessions over the years and was Technical Chairman for the 2002 CSEG convention. I have been able to contribute through my involvement with the RECORDER magazine (although mainly by correcting the grammar of authors whose technical skills and knowledge far exceed my own!) I feel the CSEG is on track with the conventions, RECORDER, luncheons, website, and recently, the Doodletrain and Outreach programs. I have done my best to support these efforts in the past, and would continue to do so as President.

I have also been active on the fellowship side of the CSEG’s efforts. I have served on the Ski Spree committee for several years, including a stint as Chairman in 2002. After a few years on the Doodlebug committee, I had the honour of being Chairman for the 2004 tournament. While I strongly believe the primary role of the CSEG is a technical one, I also think the social events are extremely valuable, as they nurture the social fabric that holds our society together, and they foster communication at all levels.

I don’t see the CSEG as an organization in need of any major changes, so I would see my role as President as working with, and learning from, an already smoothly operating executive, and contributing to their efforts to the best of my abilities. Looking to the future, I envision the CSEG adding increasing value in three main areas, and I would like to ensure that the society continues to move forward in these directions. They are (i) helping attract bright young people into our field of study, and assisting to integrate them into our profession; (ii) providing an active technical community with good continuing education services to keep our members technically competitive; and (iii) acting as a valuable networking resource and technical flagship to assist Canadian geophysicists and geophysical companies in their increasingly important international activities. Finally, I’d like to see our excellent social efforts such as the Doodlespiel, Ski Spree, Doodlebug, Convention Icebreaker, plus any new initiatives, continue to be a big part of the CSEG’s activities, because nobody said we can’t have fun while doing good geophysics!

Last year I was presented with the CSEG’s Meritorious Service award. This was a tremendous honour for me, but I felt a bit awkward receiving it, as I always associate awards with something coming to an end. I intend to stay very active within the CSEG – it’s such a



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