Wednesday May 8th, AM
Glenbow Theatre Session
Ken Szata, Chevron Canada and Gord Miller, Chevron Canada

8:00 Integrated geophysical investigation of near surface geological environments
D. Schmidt, Z Hajnal, P. G. Killen, A. Prugger, and B. Schreiner
8:30 Geostatistical reservoir characterization of an Alberta reef: a case history
W.K. Hirsche, L.E. Mewhort, II. Porter, Richard Davis
9:00 Sand distribution derived from 3-D seismic inversion with examples from N.E. Alberta
John Card, Kim Edwards, Ron Gray, Don Holmes, Guy Jobidon and Steve Heaton
9:30 A case study of the Manyberries 'OO' Pool using 3D seismic data
Jason Oden
10:00 Surprises in Glauconitic channel exploration using 3-D seismic: risks and opportunities
Alma Eamer, Marilyn Mawdsley and Brian A. Zaitlin
10:30 3-D modelling for seismic inversion: a Western Canadian reef example
J.V. Pendrel



Wednesday May, 8th AM
Macleod Hall A Session
Andy Skuce, Husky Oil and John Bancroft, University of Calgary

8:30 Over thrust depth migration in Central Alberta: Interpretive Imaging
Stuart Fagin
9:00 Making prestack depth migration work through velocity model interpretation
Christof Stork
9:30 In the foothills, prestack depth migration IS interpretive processing
Samuel H. Gray, Gary Murphy, N Daniel Whitmore
10:00 Crooked line, rough topography: advancing toward a correct seismic image
Samuel H. Gray, Gary Maclean, Kurt J. Marfurt
10:30 The properties of a practical approach to depth imaging in a thrust belt environment
Ron Schmid, Brian Link, and Patrick Butler
11:00 Structural imaging below dipping anisotropic layers: predictions from seismic modelling
Don Lawton, Jennifer M. Leslie and Richard L. Kellet



Wednesday May, 8th AM
Glenview Room (Garden Terrace Level)
Session Chairmen:
Ted Glen, Chevron Canada Resources and Nathalie Marchand, Gedco

8:00 Physical scale modelling of the relative performance of the vertical coincident coil and horizontal coplanar coil configurations for targets located in a conductive host environment
K. Duckworth and R. Pinkerton
8:30 Theoretical response of a coincident coil electromagnetic prospecting system to targets located below a conductive overburden
K. Duckworth and E.S. Krebes
9:00 The application of airborne geophysical surveys to assist in the evaluation of surface minable oil sand deposits in the Fort McMurray Area
Michael Pesowski, Lawrence Bzdel, Neil O'Donnel and Clark Logan
9:30 Exploration applications of high resolution magnetic surveys
Zeev Berger, Ron Sheldrake, and Foon Der
10:00 The Lethbridge Dikes – Aeromagnetic surprise from Southern Alberta
John W. Peirce, Gerald M. Ross, Doug Pruden and Charles Barrie
10:30 Observations and theoretical modelling of an unusual negative induced polarization anomaly
K. Duckworth and A. Rogozinski



Wednesday May, 8th AM
Macleod Hall B Session
Pat Mckenny, Veritas Seismic and Darren Kondrat, Unocal Canada

8:00 Identification of multiples contaminating surface seismic data using a VSP analysis technique
Joseph Molyneux, Mike Jones and Doug Schmitt
8:30 Free surface elastic multiple removal using inverse scattering
Ken Matson and Arthur B. Weglein
9:00 An improved Radon Transform for short period multiple attenuation
Lee Hunt, Peter Cary, Warren Upham
9:30 Improving surface-consistent deconvolution
Guillaume Chambois and Mag Magesan
10:00 Transition-zone surveying: phase equalization in the absence of overlap
Guillaume Chambois, Neil D. Hargeaves and Rene Dupont
10:30 Deconvolution with a view
Stewart Trickett, Brian Link, Bill Goodway
11:00 Bayesian priors for sparse inversion
M.D. Sacchi and T.J. Ulrych




Wednesday May, 8th PM
Glenbow Theatre Session
Aaron Denault, Numac Energy and Chris Juergens, Gulf Canada Resources

1:30 Compressional and shearwave velocity anisotropy determination in the laboratory
Douglas R. Schmitt, Eric Molz and Ahmed Kebaili
2:00 Shear-wave refraction analysis for P-S data
Jocelyn Dufour, Stan Gorek, Don C. Lawton
2:30 Determination of principal direction of azimuthal anisotropy from P-wave seismic data
S. Mallick, K. Craft, L. Meister, R. Chambers
3:00 Characterizing a sand channel reservoir using 2.0,4.5 and 10 Hz 3-C seismic data: Blackfoot, Alberta
Robert J. Ferguson and Robert R. Stewart
3:30 Porosity estimation using P-P and P-SV post-stack data: Blackfoot, Alberta
Nicolas W Martin
4:00 Coupled P-P and P-S seismic interpretation of a Glauconitic channel, Blackfoot field, Alberta
Susan L.M. Miller, Evsen O. Aydemir, Gary F. Margrave and Don C. Lawton
4:30 Fluid prediction using AVO cross-plotting techniques: A Bluesky example
Jon Downton



Wednesday May 8th, 1:30 - 5:00 PM
Macleod Hall A Session
Charles Welsh, Talisman Energy and Larry Mewhort, Husky Oil

This session will be a special workshop on the Husky/Talisman Foothills data set.

1:30 Introduction and Welcome
Larry Mewhort and Charles Welsh
1:35 Some issues in the interpretive imaging of complex structure, with reference to the Husky/Talisman Foothills dataset
Andy Skuce, Husky Oil
1:55 Summary oral presentations by poster presenters (two minutes each)
All poster presenters
2:25 Poster Session

Paradigm Geophysical - Fred Kierulf and Florian Romaescu
Amoco Canada - Gary Murphy, Michael J. O'Brien, Samuel H. Gray
Memorial University - Wen-jing Wu, Larry Lines, Andrew Burton, Han-xing Lu, William Jamison, Jinming Zhu, and R. Phillip Bording
Landmark Graphics - Christof Stork
Exxon Production Research - Cheryl Mifflin
Integra Geoscience - Peter Baxter and Jon Downton
Kelman Seismic - Ron Schmidt
GX Technology - Mick Lambert
University of Calgary - John Bancroft and Hugh Geiger
Geo-X - Wen-Jing Wu, Oliver Kuhn and Tad Iwamoto
Robertson's Research - Ron Silva
3:55 Panel Discussion
4:15 Questions and comments from the floor



Wednesday May 8th, PM
Glenview Room (Garden Terrace Level)
Session Chairmen:
Mike Galbraith, Seismic Image Software and Stephen Chiu, Kelman Seismic

1:30 Efficient offset reflection point computations without two-point ray-tracing
V. Ohanian, G.D. Young, C.R. Dick, D.F. Fouquet and D.E. Larson
2:00 The application of the 3-D seismic technique for mapping near surface stratigraphy
Michael K. Barnes and R. F. Mereu
2:30 3-D VSP survey design
Robert R. Stewart, Qi Zhang, and Zandong Sun
3:00 Designing 3-component 3-D seismic surveys
Andreas Cordsen and Don Lawton
3:30 A quantified approach to survey evaluation and design
L.G. Peardon and M.W.
4:00 "Mega-Bin" land 3-D seismic: Toward a cost effective "symmetric patch geometry" via .. regular sparial sampling in acquisition design and cooperative processing, for significantly improved SIN and resolution
W.N. Goodway and B. Ragan
4:30 Some causes of artifacts in 3-D seismic surveys
Mike Galbraith and Mike Hall




Wednesday May 8th, PM
Macleod Hall B Session
Richard Thompson, Samson Canada and Vladan Simin, Integra Geoservices

1:30 Filtering coherent noises using 2-D Gabor transform
X.-G. Li and T. J Ulrych
2:00 Seismic signal band estimation using F-X spectra
Gary F Margrave
2:30 A bootstrap procedure for velocity analysis
M.D. Sacchi
3:00 Controlled stacking
David Kessler, Luis Canales and Chung-Chi Shih
3:30 Quick verification of seismic data
Penny Colton, David Gray, Bianca Gray
4:00 Proposed requirements for distributed, client server seismic processing systems In the context of common workspace operation
Paul Hewitt and Ron Larson



Thursday May 9th, AM
Glenbow Theatre Session
Ken Umbach, PanCanadian International and Elizabeth Clark, Mobil Oil

8:00 Reservoir delineation through multivariate statistical analysis: a case history from the N.W. Shelf, Australia
Keith Hirsche and David Ormerod
8:30 Seismic structure and allochthoneity: Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland
J.A. Wright, P. Barnes, B. Hoffe and G. Quinlan
9:00 Structural, tectonic and seismo-stratigraphic study of the Terra Nova oil field, offshore N.F.L.D.
Michael E. Enachescu, Steve C. Harding, Gerry R. Smee, Robert G. Briscoe, David J. Emery and Shane K. Hallstrom
9:30 Risk reduction vs. value of information: the cost of managing uncertainty in a North Sea venture
Laura Kay Ethetton and Wm. D. Brumbaugh
10:00 3-D Coherence Cube processing: Interpretation calibration of the coherence volume with examples from both onshore and offshore 3-D projects
Dan Morris, Vasudhaven Sudhakar, Devon Dowell Tony Rebec
10:30 To drill or nor to drill: a case history in South Sumarra, Indonesia
Leon Demers
11:00 Geostatistical characterization of fluvial reservoir system: an example from Southeast Asia
K. Hirsche, P.L. Pichon, C. Gastaldi and G. Bitoun



Thursday May 9th, AM
Macleod Hall A
Session Chairmen:
Scott Jamieson, Ulterra Geoscience and Doug Pruden, Remington Energy

8:00 Discriminant analysis and seismic attributes for reservoir monitoring
John Eastwood
8:30 Case history: Drilling 46 wells based on seismic monitoring at Cold Lake
John Eastwood
9:00 3-D seismic waveform analysis for reservoir characterization and exploitation of reef edge oil in Swan Hill Unit #1
Fotios Kalantzis and M. Maklad
9:30 Reservoir visualization from 3D log property interpolation
C. Corbett and E. Jansen
10:00 Estimating reservoir risk using stratigraphic modeling: an example from the Gulf of Mexico
Laura-Kay Ethetton, Scott A. Bowman and Linda Smith-Rouch
10:30 Knowledge of reservoirs - Reservoir management and the future of geophysics
Michael G. Kostashuk



Thursday May 9th, AM
Macleod Hall B Session
John Varsek, Amoco Canada and Gary Margrave, University of Calgary

8:00 Accuracy and robustness of reverse time migration
Wen-jing Wu, Oliver Kuhn and Tad Iwamoto
8:30 Implicit interpolation in reverse time migration
Jinming Zhu and Larry Lines
9:00 Forming an unmigrated zero-offset stacked section with no NMO using equivalent offset prestack migration
Hugh D. Geiger and John C. Bancroft
9:30 Velocity sensitivity for equivalent offset prestack migration: a contrast in robustness and fragility
John C. Bancroft and Hugh D. Geiger
10:00 Prestack imaging (PSI): an approach to better imaging in complex areas
Ciprian Mihai and Jon Downton
10:30 Integrated Interpretation using gathers and depth converted seismic
Fred Keirulf and Florian Romanescu
11:00 The relationship of Thomsen anisotropic parameters with the crack density in cracked media
Kangan Fang and R. James Brown




Thursday May 9th, 1:30 - 5:00 PM
Macleod Hall A
Session Chairman:
Larry Lines, Memorial University

  1. Reservoir characterization and geophysics in the 21st century
    Larry Lines, Memorial University
  2. If your discipline is represented, then the study must be integrated - or - Some pitfalls to avoid in order to achieve multi-disciplinary integration
    Jack Caldwell, Geco-Prakla
  3. The application of geophysical reservoir technology within a business perspective
    Doug Uffen, Boyd Exploration
  4. Theoretical and practical considerations of geostatistical reservoir characterization
    Keith Hirsche, Western Geophysical
  5. Reservoir porosity characterization using seismic 3-D data: a case history of the Shekilie "121" reef
    Atul Nautiyal, Westward Energy Company
  6. Usefulness of subjective error estimation in time depth conversion
    Keith Young, Alberta Energy Company
  7. The application of 3-D seismic technology to reservoir management
    Matt Mickulich, Chevron Corp.




Wednesday May 8th, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM and Thursday May, 9th, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Glenmore Room (Garden Terrace Level)

  1. 3D converted wave processing: A case history
    Gary Lorentz and Peter Cary
  2. Seismic characterization of subsurface meteorite impact craters
    Hans-Henrik Westbroek, Robert R. Stewart and Don C. Lawton
  3. "A better mouse trap?"- evolution of the CMP
    Randall M. Masuda
  4. Acoustic and Elastic Models: "Why doesn't my synthetic march my data better?"
    Jan Dewar
  5. Geostatistical depth mapping: integration of seismic times with well tops
    David L. Garner



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