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June 2019

Ambient noise surface wave tomography at the Marathon PGM-Cu deposit, Ontario, Canada

Dan Hollis, John Mcbride, Sophie Beaupretre, Aurélien Mordret, Florent Brenguier, Nicholas Arndt, Dave Good

January 2018

Denoising Seismic Records with Image Translation Networks

Graham Ganssle

June 2012

Fourier Domain Regularization 5D and More

Valentina Khatchatrian

October 2011

Noise Examples from Two Microseismic Datasets

Andy St-Onge and David W. Eaton

March 2011

Extracting meaningful information from seismic attributes

Satinder Chopra

March 2010

Looking beneath the noise: experience with high-resolution seismic acquisition and pre-stack process

David C. Henley, Malcolm B. Bertram, and Kevin W. Hall

January 2010

The old and new in noise removal, wavefield representation and data regularization

Mauricio Sacchi, Sam Kaplan and Mostafa Naghizadeh

November 2009

Prestack Rank-Reduction-Based Noise Suppression

Stewart Trickett and Lynn Burroughs

February 2009

Noise reduction by structure-and-amplitude-preserving multi-channel deconvolution

Juefu Wang and Mauricio Sacchi

January 2009

A Convenient Truth: Radial Trace Filtering—Simple and Effective

David Henley