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April 2013

Seismic modelling of unconventional reservoirs

Marco Perez

April 2013

How to maximize recoverable reserves in an unconventional reservoir using reservoir characterization

Roxana Varga, Ted Holden and John Pendrel

January 2013

A Math-free Look at Azimuthal Surface Seismic Techniques

Franck Delbecq, Jon Downton and Mark Letizia

March 2012

On the extraction of angle dependent wavelets from synthetic shear wave sonic logs

David Cho, Craig Coulombe and Gary F. Margrave

March 2012

McKay Oil Sands 2D Seismic Inversion Case Study

Laurie M. Weston Bellman, Amanda Knowles, and Rozalia Pak

February 2012

Geophysical Constraints in Geostatistical Modelling

David I. Close

February 2012

Quantitative Interpretation Part II: Case studies

Lee Hunt, Scott Reynolds, Scott Hadley and Jon Downton

January 2012

Quantitative Interpretation Part I: Method

Lee Hunt

January 2011

Quantitative estimates of fracture density variations: further perspectives

Lee Hunt, Scott Reynolds, Tyson Brown, and Scott Hadley; Jon Downton and Satinder Chopra

January 2011

Shale Gas and Geophysical Developments

Dave Monk, David Close, Marco Perez, and Bill Goodway

October 2010

Beyond Isotropy – Part II: Physical Models in LMR Space

Marco Perez

May 2010

Tight Gas Geophysics: AVO Inversion for Reservoir Characterization

David Close, Simon Stirling, David Cho, and Frederik Horn

November 2009

Prestack Rank-Reduction-Based Noise Suppression

Stewart Trickett and Lynn Burroughs