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June 2009

Application of seismic curvature attribute in the appraisal of the Tishrine-West field, North-East S

Nilanjan Ganguly, David Dearborn, Mike Moore, Don Gordon, Mary Horan, and Satinder Chopra

May 2009

Lessons Learned from 3-D Seismic Attribute Studies of Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs

Bruce S. Hart, Justine A. Sagan, and Osareni C. Ogiesoba

May 2009

Preliminary Evaluation of a Potential Major Petroleum Province from BeaufortSPAN™ Seismic Data: Cana

Naresh Kumar, James Helwig, and Menno G. Dinkelman

March 2009

A New View of the Continent Beneath Our Feet – LITHOPROBE’S Scientific, Economic and Social Contribu

Ron M. Clowes

March 2009

Seismic Physical Modelling at the University of Calgary

J. Wong, Kevin W. Hall, E.V. Gallant, R. Maier, M.B. Bertram, and D.C. Lawton

March 2009

Seismic Models of Reflections from Attenuating Layers

Richard L. Gibson, Jr. and Pierre Thore

February 2009

Connecting active and passive seismic to describe geomechanical rock properties

Bill Goodway

March 2005

Seismic–Managing the Risk

Ken Lengyel

December 2001

Safety and Due Diligence — A Geophysicist’s Perspective

Randy Walker and Ross Brown

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