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October 2021

Risk-Based Design of Site Characterization and Measurement, Monitoring, and Verification Plans for C

Marcia L. Couëslan, Wade Zaluski, and Brody Loster

October 2012

Methods to Calibrate Low-Amplitude Surface Monitoring Microseismic Results via Integration of Geolog

Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, Chet Ozgen and Randal L. Billingsley

June 2012

Identifying Fault Activation in Shale Reservoirs Using Microseismic Monitoring during Hydraulic Stim

Michael Kratz, Arifandy Aulia, and Andrew Hill

February 2012

Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Geophysical Measurement, Monitoring and Verification

Barbara Cox

January 2011

Integration of Surface Seismic and Microseismic for the Characterization of a Shale Gas Reservoir

Mark Norton, Wayne Hovdebo, David Cho, Shawn Maxwell, Mike Jones

February 2010

Magnitude Determination, Event Detectability, and Assessing the Effectiveness of Microseismic Monito

Adam Baig and Ted Urbancic

October 2009

4D Seismic Monitoring of Subsurface Fluid Flow

David Lumley

September 2009

Using Timelapse Seismic to Monitor the THAI™ Heavy Oil Production Process

Rob Kendall