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September 2017

Improving Seismic Data Quality by Reprocessing and Redesign of a 3D Survey in an Area of Chaotically

Norman Cooper, Yajaira Herrera-Cooper, Eduardo Trinchero, Luis Vernengo, Raúl Stolarza

March 2017

Discovering A Supermodel – A Rock-Physics Tutorial

Carl Reine

December 2014

Reverse-time depth migration in elastic media

Zaiming Jiang

December 2014

Least squares migration of converted wave seismic data

Aaron Stanton and Mauricio D. Sacchi

April 2013

Seismic modelling of unconventional reservoirs

Marco Perez

February 2012

Geophysical Constraints in Geostatistical Modelling

David I. Close

May 2011

Integrated fluid-flow, geomechanic and seismic modelling for reservoir characterisation

D.A. Angus, J.P. Verdon, Q.J. Fisher, J-M. Kendall, J.M. Segura, T.G. Kristiansen, A.J.L. Crook, S. Skachkov, J. Yu and M. Dutko

June 2010

Isostasy and Gravity Modelling: Integrating Potential Field Data in Interpretation Workflows

David Close

September 2009

Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling at the Jeanne d’Arc and Carson Basin offshore Newfoundland, Can

Friedemann Baur and Hans Wielens, Ralf Littke

June 2009

The role of reverse time migration in complex imaging

Denes Vigh, E. William Starr and Jerry Kapoor

March 2009

Seismic Physical Modelling at the University of Calgary

J. Wong, Kevin W. Hall, E.V. Gallant, R. Maier, M.B. Bertram, and D.C. Lawton

March 2009

Seismic Models of Reflections from Attenuating Layers

Richard L. Gibson, Jr. and Pierre Thore

March 2009

Improving the Reservoir Modeling of Compressional Structures

Karen S. Hoffman