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February 2020

A processing strategy for high-resolution seismic imaging of thin unconventional reservoirs

Mathieu J. Duchesne, Zhuoheng Chen, Denis Lavoie, Nicolas Pinet and Virginia I. Brake

April 2013

Interpretation of Time-Lapse Seismic Data from a Heavy Oil Field, Alberta, Canada

Byron Matthew Kelly and Donald C. Lawton

January 2013

4D attenuation analysis for permeability estimates in hydraulically induced fractures

David Cho, Bill Goodway, Marco Perez, Andrew Iverson and Gary F. Margrave

June 2012

Fourier Domain Regularization 5D and More

Valentina Khatchatrian

December 2009

What Comes Up Must Have Gone Down the Principle and Application of Up-Down Deconvolution for Multipl

Yi Wang, Sergio Grion and Richard Bale

November 2009

Beauty algorithm, eh? (A perspective on Canadian processing innovation)

Mike Perz

November 2009

Prestack Rank-Reduction-Based Noise Suppression

Stewart Trickett and Lynn Burroughs

February 2009

Noise reduction by structure-and-amplitude-preserving multi-channel deconvolution

Juefu Wang and Mauricio Sacchi