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September 2017

Improving Seismic Data Quality by Reprocessing and Redesign of a 3D Survey in an Area of Chaotically

Norman Cooper, Yajaira Herrera-Cooper, Eduardo Trinchero, Luis Vernengo, Raúl Stolarza

April 2017

Using a Walk-away DAS Time-lapse VSP for CO2 Plume Monitoring at the Quest CCS Project

Vicente Oropeza Bacci, Simon O’Brien, Jordan Frank, Mark Anderson

November 2012

Introduction to the Processing – Noise Attenuation Focus Articles

Mauricio D. Sacchi

October 2012

Cardium Microseismic West Central Alberta: A Case History

John L. J. Duhault

September 2012

An introduction to this special section: Seismic acquisition

R. Malcolm Lansley

September 2012

The Hussar low-frequency experiment

G.F. Margrave, L. Mewhort, T. Phillips, M. Hall, M.B. Bertram, D.C. Lawton, K. Innanen, K.W. Hall, K.Bertram

September 2012

BroadSeis: Enhancing interpretation and inversion with broadband marine seismic

R. Soubaras, R. Dowle, and R. Sablon

September 2012

The Benefits of Receiver Infill Stations: A Technical Case Study

Keith Millis and Andrea Crook

June 2011

Compressive sensing in seismic exploration: an outlook on a new paradigm

Felix J. Herrmann, Haneet Wason, and Tim T.Y. Lin

March 2010

Looking beneath the noise: experience with high-resolution seismic acquisition and pre-stack process

David C. Henley, Malcolm B. Bertram, and Kevin W. Hall

October 2009

High-performance Vibroseis for high-density land acquisition

John Gibson, Howard Watt, Peter Maxwell and Roger Taylor

October 2009

The Art of Acquisition

Jason Nelson

March 2009

Seismic Physical Modelling at the University of Calgary

J. Wong, Kevin W. Hall, E.V. Gallant, R. Maier, M.B. Bertram, and D.C. Lawton