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December 2014

Multicomponent PSDM Velocity Model building using OBC Data from the Albacora Field

T. Krishnasamy, L. D’Afonseca, P. Guillaume, O.J. Birkeland, T.M.G. Santiago, C. Guerra, R. Lima

December 2014

Reverse-time depth migration in elastic media

Zaiming Jiang

November 2012

Preserving sensor vector fidelity using automated multicomponent receiver-azimuth detection

Jeff P. Grossman and Rodney Couzens

May 2012

Processing 3-C Heavy Oil Data for Shallow Shear-wave Splitting Properties: Methods and Case Study

Richard Bale, Tobin Marchand, Keith Wilkinson, Kurtis Wikel, Robert Kendall

May 2012

Integrated Time-lapse Monitoring of a Morrow Reservoir using Multicomponent Seismic and Flow…

Nataly A. Zerpa and Thomas L. Davis

December 2009

The measure of full-wave motion: An overview of multicomponent seismic exploration and its value

Robert R. Stewart