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September 2011

Synthetic Microseismic Datasets

Joe Wong, Peter M. Manning, Lejia Han, and John C. Bancroft

September 2011

Fast Search Algorithms for Automatic Localization of Microseismic Events

Ulrich Zimmer and Jeremy Jin

May 2011

Integrated fluid-flow, geomechanic and seismic modelling for reservoir characterisation

D.A. Angus, J.P. Verdon, Q.J. Fisher, J-M. Kendall, J.M. Segura, T.G. Kristiansen, A.J.L. Crook, S. Skachkov, J. Yu and M. Dutko

May 2011

Geomechanics: Bridging the Gap from Geophysics to Engineering in Unconventional Reservoirs

Kurt Wikel

February 2011

Integration of Surface Seismic and Microseismic Part 2: Understanding Hydraulic Fracture Variability

Shawn Maxwell, David Cho and Mark Norton

January 2011

Integration of Surface Seismic and Microseismic for the Characterization of a Shale Gas Reservoir

Mark Norton, Wayne Hovdebo, David Cho, Shawn Maxwell, Mike Jones

January 2011

Shale Gas and Geophysical Developments

Dave Monk, David Close, Marco Perez, and Bill Goodway

February 2010

Magnitude Determination, Event Detectability, and Assessing the Effectiveness of Microseismic Monito

Adam Baig and Ted Urbancic

February 2010

Sensitivity measurements for locating microseismic events

John C. Bancroft, Joe Wong, and Lejia Han

January 2010

Impact of Microseismic Location Uncertainties On Interpreted Fracture Geometries

Shawn Maxwell

January 2010

Gaussian-beam polarization-based location methods using S-waves for hydraulic fracturing induced sei

Xueping Zhao, David S. Collins, and R. Paul Young

January 2010

Classification of microseismic events via principal component analysis of trace statistics

Jeffrey F. Tan, Robert R. Stewart, and Joe Wong

September 2009

Broadband Seismic Array Deployment and Data Analysis in Alberta

Yu Jeffrey Gu, Ahmet Okeler, Sean Contenti, Kenny Kocon, Luyi Shen, Keith Brzak

April 2009

Microseismic Location Uncertainty

Shawn Maxwell

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