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December 2019

Squeezing more from seismic data: Application of prestack simultaneous impedance inversion

Eduardo Trinchero and Luis Vernengo

September 2015

Introduction to September Focus: Overseas Research

Rob Holt

September 2015

The School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol

Michael Kendall

September 2015

Geophysics Programs at the Department of Exploration Geophysics at Curtin University, Perth, Austral

Boris Gurevich, Andrej Bona, Roman Pevzner, Milovan Urosevic, and Rob Ross

September 2015

Seismic shale characterization research at the Edinburgh Anisotropy Project

Mark Chapman, Xiaoyang Wu, Li Yang, Keran Qian, Heng-Chang Dai and Xiang-Yang Li

September 2015

Exploration geophysics at the University of Houston: The shale trail and other unconventional voyage

Robert R. Stewart, Fabiola Ruiz, Julia Wellner, Nikolay Dyaur, and Long Huang

September 2015

Seismic Research in Imaging Unconventional Reservoirs

Bob A. Hardage