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November 2011

An Introduction to Practical Modeling of Reservoir Geomechanics for Appraisal and Development

Vikram Sen and A. (Tony) Settari

October 2011

What Does Microseismic Tell Us About Hydraulic Fracture Deformation

Shawn C. Maxwell

June 2011

Anisotropic PSTM Imaging for Unconventional Reservoirs

Edward Jenner

June 2011

The Evolving Role of Geophysics in Exploration. From Amplitudes to Geomechanics

Eric Andersen and David Gray

May 2011

Integrated fluid-flow, geomechanic and seismic modelling for reservoir characterisation

D.A. Angus, J.P. Verdon, Q.J. Fisher, J-M. Kendall, J.M. Segura, T.G. Kristiansen, A.J.L. Crook, S. Skachkov, J. Yu and M. Dutko

May 2011

Geomechanics: Bridging the Gap from Geophysics to Engineering in Unconventional Reservoirs

Kurt Wikel

February 2011

Integration of Surface Seismic and Microseismic Part 2: Understanding Hydraulic Fracture Variability

Shawn Maxwell, David Cho and Mark Norton