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January 2013

A Math-free Look at Azimuthal Surface Seismic Techniques

Franck Delbecq, Jon Downton and Mark Letizia

November 2012

Preserving sensor vector fidelity using automated multicomponent receiver-azimuth detection

Jeff P. Grossman and Rodney Couzens

September 2012

The Benefits of Receiver Infill Stations: A Technical Case Study

Keith Millis and Andrea Crook

May 2010

Shear-wave sourced 3-D VSP Depth Imaging of Tight Gas Sandstones in Rulison Field, Colorado

Prajnajyoti Mazumdar and Thomas L. Davis

May 2010

Tight Gas Geophysics: AVO Inversion for Reservoir Characterization

David Close, Simon Stirling, David Cho, and Frederik Horn