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June 2017

Marcellus & Utica Shale PSDM Case Study – Improved Structural Imaging and Rock Properties

Morgan Brown, David Waibel, Scott Schapper and Joel Starr

January 2013

A Math-free Look at Azimuthal Surface Seismic Techniques

Franck Delbecq, Jon Downton and Mark Letizia

May 2012

Processing 3-C Heavy Oil Data for Shallow Shear-wave Splitting Properties: Methods and Case Study

Richard Bale, Tobin Marchand, Keith Wilkinson, Kurtis Wikel, Robert Kendall

December 2011

Investigating anisotropy in rocks by using pulse transmission method

Jaime Meléndez Martínez and Douglas R. Schmitt

September 2010

Beyond Isotropy – Part I: A Prestack Perspective

Marco Perez