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April 2017

Using a Walk-away DAS Time-lapse VSP for CO2 Plume Monitoring at the Quest CCS Project

Vicente Oropeza Bacci, Simon O’Brien, Jordan Frank, Mark Anderson

April 2013

PP time delay and PS splitting anomalies in the reservoir of an active THAI® project

Kurtis Wikel and Rob Kendall

January 2013

Microseismic, 3D and 4D Applications and its Relation to Geomechanics and Completion Performance

Andrew Iverson, Bill Goodway, Marco Perez and Greg Purdue

January 2013

4D attenuation analysis for permeability estimates in hydraulically induced fractures

David Cho, Bill Goodway, Marco Perez, Andrew Iverson and Gary F. Margrave

March 2011

Quantify the Economic Value of Geophysical Information

David Gray

October 2009

4D Seismic Monitoring of Subsurface Fluid Flow

David Lumley