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December 2014

Resolving small-scale near-seabed velocity anomalies using non-parametric autopicking and hybrid tom

Juergen Fruehn, Stuart Greenwood, Victoria Valler, Dejan Sekulic

December 2014

Multicomponent PSDM Velocity Model building using OBC Data from the Albacora Field

T. Krishnasamy, L. D’Afonseca, P. Guillaume, O.J. Birkeland, T.M.G. Santiago, C. Guerra, R. Lima

December 2014

How much can I stretch and squeeze?

David Cho and David Nordin

December 2012

A Review on Least Squares Prestack Migration and its Applications

Naser Yousefzadeh and John C. Bancroft

December 2012

Overview on the Fundamentals of Imaging

Brian Schulte

December 2011

Investigating anisotropy in rocks by using pulse transmission method

Jaime Meléndez Martínez and Douglas R. Schmitt

June 2009

The role of reverse time migration in complex imaging

Denes Vigh, E. William Starr and Jerry Kapoor

April 2009

Geophysical Well Logs from a Shallow Test Well and Automatic Determination of Formation Velocities

J. Wong, L. Han, R.R. Stewart, L.R. Bentley, and J.C. Bancroft