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December 2012

Introduction to the Processing – Migration / Imaging Focus Articles

Peter Cary

December 2012

Complex-beam Migration and Land Depth Imaging

Tianfei Zhu

December 2012

Deconvolution After Migration

John C. Bancroft, Thais Guirigay, and Helen Isaac

December 2012

A Review on Least Squares Prestack Migration and its Applications

Naser Yousefzadeh and John C. Bancroft

December 2012

Overview on the Fundamentals of Imaging

Brian Schulte

May 2010

Shear-wave sourced 3-D VSP Depth Imaging of Tight Gas Sandstones in Rulison Field, Colorado

Prajnajyoti Mazumdar and Thomas L. Davis

March 2010

The influence of spatial sampling on resolution

Mark S. Egan, Joe Seissiger, Antoun Salama, George El-Kaseeh

June 2009

The role of reverse time migration in complex imaging

Denes Vigh, E. William Starr and Jerry Kapoor