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February 2020

Exploring for Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE Ore Bodies with Magnetics, Electromagnetics and Reflection Seismic

Circé Malo-Lalande, Maxim Boisvert, Erick Adam and Christopher Grondin

December 2019

Mapping the Distribution of Permafrost using the Resolve Airborne EM System

Mel Best, Isaac Fage and Shawn Ryan

December 2019

Mapping How Geophysics Is Used To Understand Geohazards In Potash Mines

Craig Funk, James Isbister, Todd Leblanc, Randy Brehm

September 2017

Assessing Risk to the Ermelo Ring Road from Historical Coal Undermining Using Helicopter TDEM and Gr

Jean M. Legault, Karl C.H. Kwan, Zihao Han, Geoffrey Plastow, Robert Wilson, Pierre Roux, C.J. Stoffel Fourie

October 2010

Central Alberta Aggregate Study

B. Janet Morrissey