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June 2017

Marcellus & Utica Shale PSDM Case Study – Improved Structural Imaging and Rock Properties

Morgan Brown, David Waibel, Scott Schapper and Joel Starr

December 2014

Resolving small-scale near-seabed velocity anomalies using non-parametric autopicking and hybrid tom

Juergen Fruehn, Stuart Greenwood, Victoria Valler, Dejan Sekulic

December 2014

Multicomponent PSDM Velocity Model building using OBC Data from the Albacora Field

T. Krishnasamy, L. D’Afonseca, P. Guillaume, O.J. Birkeland, T.M.G. Santiago, C. Guerra, R. Lima

December 2014

Reverse-time depth migration in elastic media

Zaiming Jiang

December 2014

Least squares migration of converted wave seismic data

Aaron Stanton and Mauricio D. Sacchi