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March 2013

Broadband microseismic observations from a Montney hydraulic fracture treatment, northeastern B.C.

David Eaton, Mirko van der Baan, Jean-Baptiste Tary, Brad Birkelo, Neil Spriggs, Sarah Cutten and Kimberly Pike

September 2012

An introduction to this special section: Seismic acquisition

R. Malcolm Lansley

September 2012

BroadSeis: Enhancing interpretation and inversion with broadband marine seismic

R. Soubaras, R. Dowle, and R. Sablon

September 2009

Broadband Seismic Array Deployment and Data Analysis in Alberta

Yu Jeffrey Gu, Ahmet Okeler, Sean Contenti, Kenny Kocon, Luyi Shen, Keith Brzak