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March 2013

Optimization of a Shallow Microseismic Array Design for Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring – A Horn River

Paige Snelling and Neil Taylor

March 2013

Reservoir heterogeneity and ‘stealth’ zones in microseismic: Role of rock fabric

Per Kent Pedersen and David W. Eaton

March 2013

Broadband microseismic observations from a Montney hydraulic fracture treatment, northeastern B.C.

David Eaton, Mirko van der Baan, Jean-Baptiste Tary, Brad Birkelo, Neil Spriggs, Sarah Cutten and Kimberly Pike

February 2011

Integration of Surface Seismic and Microseismic Part 2: Understanding Hydraulic Fracture Variability

Shawn Maxwell, David Cho and Mark Norton