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June 2012

Identifying Fault Activation in Shale Reservoirs Using Microseismic Monitoring during Hydraulic Stim

Michael Kratz, Arifandy Aulia, and Andrew Hill

October 2010

Magnetic and Gravity Methods in Mineral Exploration: the Value of Well-Rounded Geophysical Skills

Henry Lyatsky

September 2010

Comparison between faults extracted from seismic and Elastic Dislocation Modelling

Thibaut Cheret, Jonathan Long, and Jonathan Turner

June 2010

Shear-wave sourced 3-D VSP Image Interpretation of Tight Gas Sandstones in Rulison Field, Colorado

Prajnajyoti Mazumdar and Thomas L. Davis

March 2009

Improving the Reservoir Modeling of Compressional Structures

Karen S. Hoffman