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February 2020

Introduction to February Focus: Geophysics in Québec

Jean M. Legault and Oliver Kuhn

February 2020

Mining exploration geophysics in Quebec: Over 50 years of innovation

Marc Boivin

February 2020

Applied geophysics in a very deep mine context: Example of the >3 km deep, LaRonde Penna mine, Abiti

L. Cheng, X. Dai, MC Diallo, C. Liu, N. Foudil-Bey, J. Collins, P. Bérubé, R. Dubuc, D. Fortin, M. Legault, P. Mercier-Langevin, B. Abbassi

February 2020

Exploring for Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE Ore Bodies with Magnetics, Electromagnetics and Reflection Seismic

Circé Malo-Lalande, Maxim Boisvert, Erick Adam and Christopher Grondin