In Memory of Roy Lindseth

In Memory of Roy Lindseth

Roy Lindseth passed away on July 8, 2018.

Roy pioneered the technology of synthetic well logs, digital seismic signal processing (DSSP); invented Seismic Trace Inversion; and developed techniques that allowed seismic to be used for stratigraphy and reservoir delineation. He founded four companies and was a remarkable contributor to Geophysics and to the industry.

Roy was the President of CSEG, SEG, and APEGA. He received many awards in his lifetime for his work, most notably the Order of Canada

In honour of Roy Lindseth's major contributions, the CSEG Recorder would like to look back on his 2007 interview with Satinder Chopra and Penny Colton.

“Try to spend some time in foreign operations… opportunity for advancement is good…”

An interview with Roy Lindseth

Roy Lindseth is one name that every geophysicist has heard of as somewhere along the geophysical journey, one comes across contributions made by him. Amongst his many contributions, his pioneering work on 'Seislog' stands out. Some of our senior colleagues in the industry would have attended Roy’s course on 'Recent Advances in Digital Data Enhancement Techniques’, that he started teaching on the SEG Continuing Education platform since 1968. He has taught this course in more than 48 countries around the world. As a result of his long and varied contributions, Roy has received many honors and awards, some of which are: the Meritorious Service Award, Honorary Member and Gold Medal from CSEG, J. Tuzo Wilson Award from CGU, Centennial Award and Honorary Member from APEGGA, Queen's Jubilee Medal, Doctor of Laws from University of Calgary, Canadian Industry Development and our country's highest honor – the Order of Canada. SEG honors bestowed on Roy include the Kaufmann Gold Medal, Honorary Membership, Enterprise Award and the Maurice Ewing Gold Medal given recently.

Roy is a quiet and a humble soul and very polite in his speech. Both Penny Colton and Satinder Chopra sat down with Roy and made him go down his memory lane. Following are excerpts from their conversation.

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Brian Wm. Schulte is with Schiefer Reservoirs and is the Chief Editor Canadian Society Exploration Geophysics (CSEG) Recorder. He has written papers and presented presentations on Geophysics, AVO, seismic inversion and seismic processing and imaging. Brian has worked in seismic processing, acquisition, interpretation, rock physics, and petrophysics.  Some of the companies he worked for are: Gale-Horizon, Schlumberger, Vastar (division of Arco), BP, Explora Seismic Processing (ESP), Geokinetics, Talisman Energy Inc., and Repsol.  During his time at Arco and BP he worked on improving seismic gathers for AVO work. He looked specifically at noise reduction; automatic velocity picking using Swan (2001) velocities and Dennis Corrigan’s 3rd Term MVO. He helped with distributing this software, so it could be available within the industry. Brian also served as an Instructor of Petroleum Engineering Technology at Houston Community College-NE Energy Institute teaching Deep Water Exploration. He holds a BSc degree in geology with a minor in geophysics from the University of Calgary.


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