GeoConvention 2019

GeoConvention:  May 13 – 15, 2019
Core Conference May 16 – 17
Registration now open! 

Greetings from GeoConvention 2019! 

The oil and gas industry has been completely reshaped over the past four years and despite market fluctuations, Geoscientists will continue to find and develop the resources necessary to power our economy.

GeoConvention offers some of the best local and international insights to efficient energy exploration and production, critical to the success of the industry and provides an opportunity for delegates and exhibitors to benefit from and give back to the community, through Technical Sessions, Posters, the Showcase Stage and the Exhibition floor.


GeoConvention 2019 will host 50 sessions in total on a wide variety of technical content from relevant, impactful themes, building on play-specific sessions including the Durvernay, Montney and Oil Sands while also expanding upon new topics such as GeoModelling, Completions Technology, Machine learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.  Skill Fundamentals and Applied Case Studies will also be integrated into the 2019 program, focusing on key geoscience fundamentals with real-life application. 

2019 Technical Program Sessions:

Business and Financial

Microseismic II

Completions Technology

Montney Reservoir Characterization

Discipline Fundamentals - Geophysics

New Conventional Plays and Revisiting or Extension of Mature Plays

Diversification of the Energy Industry and Geothermal

New Technologies for Frontier Plays and Unconventional Resources

Duvernay I

Oil Sands and Integrated Oil Sands Case Studies

Duvernay II

Oil Sands Geology

Emerging Opportunities and Methodologies

Organic Geochemistry

Emerging Seismic Technology


Frontier Basins

Quantitative Interpretation of 4D Seismic Monitoring Methods

Geomechanics in Hydraulic Fracturing

Regional to Microscale: Geochemical and Engineering Applications to Montney Reservoir Evaluation

GeoModelling: Building Geologically Realistic Geomodels

Reservoir Engineering and Hydraulic Fracturing in Unconventional Plays

GeoModelling: Modelling Geological and Geophysical Phenomena

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy - Case Studies

George Pemberton Memorial Session: sedimentology/ichnology I

Seismic Interpretation Case Histories

George Pemberton Memorial Session: sedimentology/ichnology II

Seismic Inversion - Full-Waveform Inversion

Getting More From Your Data

Seismic Processing - Applied

Global Carbon Capture, Storage, Utilization and Monitoring

Seismic Processing - Theory I

Induced Seismicity – Detection, Processing and Characterization

Seismic Processing - Theory II

Induced Seismicity – Modeling and Case Studies

Skill Fundamentals 101 and Case Studies Part 1

Integrating Geoscience to Optimize Unconventional Resource Plays

Skill Fundamentals 101 and Case Studies Part 2

International Case Studies I

The Value of Geosciences

International Case Studies II

The Value of Geosciences Panel

Machine Learning / AI / Big Data I

Unconventional EOR

Machine Learning / AI / Big Data II

Water: Hydrogeology and More!

Managing the Risks of Unconventional Development

WIA: Improving Wellbore Integrity

Microseismic I

Workplace Culture/Diversity

In addition to the best-in-class integrated geoscience content outlined above, GeoConvention 2019 will host a Value of Geosciences panel, including discussions from the following key decision-makers:

  • Wayne Foo, Geologist, President and CEO, Parex Resources
  • Rob Morgan, Engineer, President and CEO, Cona Resources
  • Kevin Angus, Geophysicist, Strategic Advisor, Point Loma Resources
  • Gary Bunio, Engineer, Director New Technology, Suncor Inc.
  • Pat Ward, Geologist, President and CEO, Painted Pony
  • Bruce Shultz, Geologist, President Huron Resources Corp

If you are looking for a cost-effective opportunity to provide industry and technical insights for yourself or your team, GeoConvention 2019 promises to position your company for greater success by introducing in-depth discipline-specific discussions, integrated case studies and content specific to technological advancements.  GeoConvention also provides Professional Development Hours in APEGA's Informal Activity category.

Networking and Luncheons

GeoConvention continues to provide all our attendees with the opportunity to reconnect with past colleagues and meet new ones through Evening Networking Socials, Challenge Bowl and Lunch program. 

The 2019 Luncheon lineup is as follows:

  • Monday CSPG Luncheon:  Bob Fryklund, Chief Strategist Upstream, IHS Markit:  Is There A New Energy Norm - and If So How Do I Play the Game?
  • Tuesday CSEG Luncheon:  Let's Get geophysical Networking Lunch at The Palomino Smokehouse
  • Wednesday CWLS Luncheon:  Refresh Networking Lunch at the Bank and Baron

New Initiatives

GeoConvention 2019 has targeted advanced knowledge sharing from the poster program by doubling the presentation time allotted for each poster and hosting presentations during the morning and afternoon coffee breaks.  

In another initiative to provide learning opportunities, many meters of core samples will be added to the 2019 GeoConvention Exhibit Floor with a new core being featured every day.  Sponsored by Digit Core and Tarcore Labs and provided by the Core Research facility, the core samples will allow everyone to expand their knowledge from key Canadian plays via tangible, physical samples.

The GeoConvention Mobile App will be back as a resource for all delegates and attendees to plan their day, gain insights to our technical content and presenters and to engage in the conference through in-conference games to win prizes.

Sponsorship and Exhibits   

With all financial support – be it attendance, exhibition, sponsorship or advertising – going not only to helping ensure a successful convention, but too, going directly back to our partner societies to help with their education programs and student and community outreach, partnering with GeoConvention is guaranteed to not only return for our supporters but also in the advancement of the geosciences.

GeoConvention will continue to focus on the return our supporters achieve from joining us – be it through sponsorship, exhibition, or both, we are committed to continue growing, adapting and building on our successes as we continue to work with all of our supporters to build their brand, market their technology or introduce their workflows to our expected 3,500 attendees.

Sponsorship and Exhibition opportunities are available – contact us for more information!


Brian Wm. Schulte is with Schiefer Reservoirs and is the Chief Editor Canadian Society Exploration Geophysics (CSEG) Recorder. He has written papers and presented presentations on Geophysics, AVO, seismic inversion and seismic processing and imaging. Brian has worked in seismic processing, acquisition, interpretation, rock physics, and petrophysics.  Some of the companies he worked for are: Gale-Horizon, Schlumberger, Vastar (division of Arco), BP, Explora Seismic Processing (ESP), Geokinetics, Talisman Energy Inc., and Repsol.  During his time at Arco and BP he worked on improving seismic gathers for AVO work. He looked specifically at noise reduction; automatic velocity picking using Swan (2001) velocities and Dennis Corrigan’s 3rd Term MVO. He helped with distributing this software, so it could be available within the industry. Brian also served as an Instructor of Petroleum Engineering Technology at Houston Community College-NE Energy Institute teaching Deep Water Exploration. He holds a BSc degree in geology with a minor in geophysics from the University of Calgary.


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