Abstract: The Cloud: ASK before you ACT

CGG Smart Data Solutions, like many other service providers in the E&P sector, has seen a transformation of data management from a support function to a value generator for our clients. Companies are expecting service providers to deliver solutions to enable their E&P digitalization strategies, as they move towards adopting emerging digital technologies, such as machine learning and public cloud services. While these new frontiers are exciting and ultimately game-changing, ensuring all factors are considered prior to choosing a solution that is right for your business is extremely important. This is why I encourage people to “ASK before you ACT”. Jumping head first into a new business endeavor before defining the desired outcome, and then asking how we go from here to there, will typically not garner the desired results.


Gary Roy has worked in the E&P data management sector for 16 years, with the last 6 years being in a client-facing role at CGG. Gary received a graduate certificate in 2017 from Robert Gordon University after successfully completing the Petroleum Data Management course. When Gary is not at work ensuring his clients are receiving top-level customer service and quality solutions, he can be found spending time with his wonderful wife and three children, or attempting to stay young on the soccer pitch.


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