Abstract: Geophysical Data Compliancy – Utilizing Technology

Geophysical data compliancy means only using data you are entitled to use for an implicitly defined purpose and timeframe. Geophysical / seismic data is complex, as it is an image of a defined position on the earth. That representation is multi-dimensional, multi-faceted and geographically based consisting of raw and interpretation data. Add to this complexity that the data resides on different media types and is in different formats, stored internally or with an external storage facility and the complexity grows. If the complexity of data isn’t enough, the oil and gas industry is an ever changing and complex environment due to merger and acquisition (M&A) activities, regulatory obligations, contractual laws and obligations to other exploration companies. Let explore how corporations can use technology and process to manage this complex dataset and achieve governance.

As artificial intelligence and big data begin to gain traction and create success in the information management realm, allowing corporations to make more informed and educated decisions, so to the data management processes must adapt and modernize. Data management must change to keep pace with the demand for answers on the legal rights and ethical obligations. Validating data and information within a corporate environment can seem like a monumental endeavor; however, technology can contribute to the greater success of these projects, by providing the ability to sift through large volumes of data, allowing data analytics to provide insight and enable the consistent monitoring of the environment to ensure your company becomes and remains data compliant.


Sue Carr is a passionate Oil and Gas Information Management Professional with more than 35 years of industry experience. An organizer and planner, she is known to continuously improve processes to create tangible results by empowering people with technology. Sues ‘experience as an IT Leader and Subsurface Information Manager has given her a unique skill set to bridge the gap between business requirements and IT policy. Her subsurface data management experience includes seismic, wells, interpretation projects and applications.

Trish Mulder is a data management and solutions expert with more than 20 years of experience in Data Management with positions at both E&;P and service companies. In her current role as Director, Business Development for SeismicZone.com with Katalyst Data Management, Trish has a strong vision for the future of data transactions and is pivotal in building a new sale and trade online brokerage system for companies to market their data quickly, accurately and securely. She is an avid volunteer within the geoscience community, serving as Chairman for the Women in Seismic (WiSE) Golf Tournament Committee and on the CGDMS Social Committee. Trish is also active in the local Calgary community serving on the fundraising committee for Providence Children for the Dine & Deals gala.


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