Abstract: Banff 2018 International Workshop on Induced Seismicity

As a preview to our December 2018 RECORDER, we present this abstract.

The Banff 2018 Induced Seismicity Workshop, hosted by the Canadian Induced Seismicity Collaboration (www.inducedseismicity.ca) and the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources (www.csur.com), brought together academics, industry and regulators, from around the world, to discuss learnings about induced seismicity. The theme of the workshop was “bridging and integrating knowledge” across sectors, and across different induced seismicity settings and types. The workshop was held in Banff, Alberta, from Oct. 24-27, 2018, at the Banff Park Lodge. The 120 participants included leading experts from academia, industry, and government agencies, with representation from Canada, the U.S., Europe and China. The aim of the invited oral presentations was to present the latest science and perspectives, striking a balance between regions and sectors to stimulate comprehensive discussions. The oral presentations were organized into sessions, each of which led to a discussion panel with many rich questions and comments coming forward from the audience. These interactions and discussions were furthered during lively interactive poster sessions. The workshop concluded with a field trip from Banff to Radium Hot Springs, including scenic stops along the route and lunch at Storm Mountain Lodge. Field trip participants learned about regional geology, tectonic history, flora, fauna and natural hazards including wildfires. A soak in the hot springs provided a great opportunity to discuss fluids and faults, while gazing upwards at the face of the Redwall Fault.

Abstracts of all presentations, along with expanded abstracts, presentations and posters (where available) are posted at: www.inducedseismicity.ca/Banff2018/ and at www.csur.com\Banff2018.

Sinclair Canyon, near Radium Hot Spring
Sinclair Canyon, near Radium Hot Springs, visited by field trip participants during the Banff International Workshop on Induced Seismicity


Dr. Gail Atkinson, Professor of Geophysics at University of Western Ontario, and NSERC/ TransAlta/Nanometics Industrial Research Chair in Hazards from Induced Seismicity, has devoted her career to working at the engineering-seismology interface. She has authored 180 research articles on the subjects of earthquake ground motions and seismic hazards; among these are well-known prediction equations for ground-motion amplitudes as a function of magnitude and distance that have been used earthquake hazard and risk assessments around the world. 

Dr. David Eaton is a Professor in the Department of Geoscience and the NSERC/Chevron Industrial Research Chair in Microseismic System Dynamics at the University of Calgary.


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